Tekninen dokumentaatio: Nykyinen versio

Document title Document Description
How to create a subscription Download here A quick guide how to create a subscription in Synkka Product User Interface. Updated 3.10.2016.
GDSN 3.1 Operations Manual Download here The document explains how to operate in the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) 3.1. Updated 3.10.2016
GDSN 3.1 Synkka Operations Manual Download here Synkka Operations Manual describes how to interact with Synkka Product with GDSN 3.1. Updated 4.1.2017 
GDSN 3.1 Trade Item Implementation Guideline Download here This document supplements the formal GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) 3.1 standards with advice on their implementation and operation. Updated 2.12.2015
Synkka Connectivity Guide 4.1 Download here The aim of this document is to describe and document the methods in which Synkka users may exchange information with the system, guiding the user through the setup and testing process used to connect to Synkka. Contains information for new pre-prod environment. This version will replace the previous version of the guide after Major Release go-live. Updated 12.5.2016
GDSN 3.1 Trade Item XML Schemas Download here XML schemas defining the GDSN 3.1.2 XML message structure. Updated 4.1.2017
Synkka Conn Info 2.1 Companyname Download here Company information form for integrating partners to communicate the connectivity details to GS1 Finland and Saphety. Updated11.2.2014.
Synkka Item Information Profile Download here Synkka Product Item Information Profile (attributes, code lists, validation rules) with GDSN 3.1 Updated 17.5.2017
Example messages for Data Recipient Download here Examples of CIN messages (Catalogue Item Notification), examples of CIS messages, example of a RFCIN message (Request for Catalogue Item Notification) Updated 5.1.2017
Example messages for Supplier Download here Examples of CIN messages (Catalogue Item Notification), examples of the response messages, example of a CIHW message (Catalogue Item Hierarchical Withdrawal). Updated 5.1.2017