Packaging Recycling Scheme Code

Updated 19.10.2016

Code Description Definition Used in Finland
PALPA Palpa   X
CEN CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation / European Committee for Standardization) is a major provider of European Standards and technical specifications. It is the only recognized European organization according to Directive 98/34/EC for the planning, drafting and adoption of European Standards in all areas of economic activity with the exception of electrotechnology (CENELEC) and telecommunication (ETSI)  
1 Polyethylene Terephthalates Recycling scheme code 1 relates to Polyethylene terephthalates.  These recyclables represent polyester fibres' (Polar Fleece), thermoformed sheet, strapping, soft drink bottles, tote bags, furniture, carpet, panelling and (occasionally) new containers which can be picked up through most curb side recycling programs.  
2 High-density Polyethylenes Recycling scheme code 2 relates to High-density polyethylenes.  These recyclables represent bottles, grocery bags, milk jugs, recycling bins, agricultural pipe, base cups, car stops, playground equipment, and plastic lumber which can be picked up through most curb side recycling programs, although some allow only those containers with necks.  
3 Polyvinyl Chlorides Recycling scheme code 3 relates to Polyvinyl chlorides.  These recyclables represent pipe, window profile, siding, fencing, flooring, shower curtains, lawn chairs, non-food bottles and children's toys which can be extensively recycled in Europe.  
4 Low-density Polyethylenes Recycling scheme code 4 relates to Low-density polyethylenes.  These recyclables represent plastic bags, 6 pack rings, various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, and various moulded laboratory equipment which is not often recycled through curb side programs, but some communities will accept it. Plastic shopping bags can be returned to many stores for recycling.  
5 Polypropylenes Recycling scheme code 5 relates to Polypropylenes.  These recyclables represent auto parts, industrial fibres, food containers, and dishware which can be recycled through some curb side programs.  
6 Polystyrenes Recycling scheme code 6 relates to Polystyrenes.  These recyclables represent desk accessories, cafeteria trays, plastic utensils, toys, video cassettes and cases, clamshell containers, packaging peanuts, and insulation board and other expanded polystyrene products (e.g., Styrofoam) which can be recycled through some curb side programs.  
7 Plastics Other Recycling scheme code 7 relates to Other plastics, such as acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, and polylactic acid (a bioplastic), and multilayer combinations of different plastics.  These recyclables represent Bottles, plastic lumber applications, headlight lenses, and safety shields/glasses which have traditionally not been recycled, though some curb side programs now take them.  

History of changes

Date Changes made Creator
31.8.2016 Done. GS1 Finland Oy
19.10.2016 New values (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) added. These will be valid in Nov 2016. GS1 Finland Oy