Päivitetty 31.8.2016

Koodi Kuvaus Lisätietoja
EMAIL Email Creating/sending/receiving of unstructured free text messages or documents using computer network, a mini-computer or an attached modem and regular telephone line or other electronic transmission media. 
MOBILE_WEBSITE Mobiilisivut The URL of the mobile commerce site (or WAP site) to a type of website than can be accessible from a smart-phone or other mobile device.  This is typically different from a normal website due to the differing technologies used for implementation.
SOCIAL_MEDIA Sosiaalinen media A social media address. 
TELEFAX Telefax Device used for transmitting and reproducing fixed graphic material (as printing) by means of signals over telephone lines or other electronic transmission media.
TELEPHONE Puhelin Voice/data transmission by telephone.
WEBSITE Nettisivut The identification of a world wide web address. 


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31.8.2016 Valmis. GS1 Finland Oy
30.11.2017 Tarkistettu. GS1 Finland Oy